February 22nd
New Hot Sealing Unit for the use in the pharmaceutical-, food and chemical industry




Delicate things wrapped in first class style.


KOPP Verpackungssysteme in Reichenbach/Germany introduces with the K600 a hot sealing unit that makes first class sealings for big and wide sacks, in either side folded or block bottom shape. Highly sensible and valuable free flowing products, also hygroscopic,  can be wrapped so that they are well protected against environmental and mechanical hazards.

Heatsealable sacks, made of materials that are resitant against tearing and piercing, are the best solution to wrap sensible free flowing products. Nevertheless: those sacks can not be sealed with standard sealing units, not to mention the possibilty to seal them hermeitically. The reason for this: The thickness of the material and the high restoring forces. The hot sealing unit K600 from KOPP is suitable for applications where the sealing qualilty has top priority. A special sealing system solves the problem: The continuously heated sealing bars reach a temperature of up to 260°C and close with tremendously high pressure. The results are extraordinary: Longitudinally grooved sealings with a length of 600 mm and width of 15 mm, extremely stable and hermetic. The K600 Series is available in 3 versions: as K600 FL for flat bags, as K600 SF for side folded bags and as K600V for flat bags with air suction and gas flushing. All heatsealable materials can be used as well as coated aluminium film  respectivly paper or other materials with hot melt coating. As an option the unit can be equipped either with a fixing and cooling-down line to hold and stabilize the sealing weld. Additionally gas flushing unit can be installed.

Easy adjustable.
The K600 is easily adjustable for different materials.

Temperature and sealing duration can be set to the indiviual needs of each material. The setting is done with a digital temperature controller which shows the set and the current values including the alarm limits for the sealing temperature. The sealing process can only be started if the actual temperature is within the given limits. A digital timer is responsible for the correct sealing time.

The  K600 can be adjusted to future demands.

The fixing and cooling-down line allows, that the temperature of the sealing is reduced under pressure. This is highly recommended when using sacks with a hot-melt coating or sacks with high restoring forces. The optional air suction device reduces the amount of air in the sack with an ejector system. This is very suitable if the sacks are packed on a pallett later on, if the material shouldn’t be in contact with oxygen  or for bag-in-box solutions. A further accesory is the gas flushing unit, for the possibility to fill some protective gas, for example nitrogen or carbon dioxide, in the bag.

Day to day usable
The K600 is easy to use, very sturdy, and easy accessible to clean.

To make life easy for the day to day use, many features have been integrated in the K600. Foot switch, hHeat protection covers with transparent makrolon, easy inserting guides for the sack (not K600V), as well as sealing bars that open and close automatically. The K600 is mounted on a sturdy and stable frame with wheels. The K600 has a stainless steel housing with an aluminium frame. All electrical devices are installed in the electrical cabinet, water proof (IP54). Sealing bars made of steel with teflon coating that allow long use.